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2015 Travel Review


It’s time again to assess the year gone by with this 2015 travel review. Wow, what a year. It doesn’t seem long since I was writing the 2014 round-up and then my plans for 2015. So how did it turn out? Honestly, better than I could have imagined. I stuck to my plans and achieved […]

Five Best Podcasts For On The Road


How do you pass the time on those long and uncomfortable bus journeys? How do you block out the sound of the guy snoring in the bed opposite? For me, podcasts are an amazing (and free!) source of entertainment and a large part of my life. Barely a day goes by without listening to an […]

The World’s Most Dangerous City...


I write this from my guesthouse in Georgetown, Guyana, having spent a couple of days exploring the city as part of my sojourn with Travel Guianas. It’s dirty, traffic is chaotic, people (including children) hassle you for money, you are constantly warned of pick-pockets and bag-snatchers and advised to take taxis at night and sometimes […]

Amsterdam: City Of A Thousand Steakho...


Walking around Amsterdam is much like playing a real-life version of Crossy Road: first you must negotiate the bikes and scooters, weaving amongst the pedestrians, then the trams that travel alarmingly quickly and then the cars/buses/vans that constitute normal traffic. Except all the drivers are pissed off because of the throngs of tourists in their […]

Top Five Packing Essentials For Any B...


Now that you’ve got your backpack sorted it’s time to figure out what to take. Of course it will vary depending on where you go and how long you will be away but there are a few packing essentials that you’ll always want with you. These are my essentials – they’re all cheap and light […]

Travel Guianas Goes Live!

wpid-Photo-11-Sep-2015-1038-am.jpg Today I’m launching a sister website dedicated to providing practical information and advice for any curious adventurers thinking of going to the Guianas (Guyana, Suriname and French Guiana). We leave tonight, stopping in Belgium en route, to South America. I’ll be updating this blog with more general advice and articles but check out Travel […]

Which Backpack?


The single most important piece of equipment you will buy for long-term travel is your backpack. It will be your closest friend, your pillow, footrest and battering ram. Buying the wrong backpack can cause serious disruptions: snapped zips, broken handles, sore back – all things you can do without on your trip. That battered and […]

Are You A Travel Cynic?


“Machu Picchu? Huh, good luck with that.” This was the gruff response received by my mum's hairdresser upon telling a client she had booked a trip to Peru to fulfil a lifelong dream. Somewhat deflating to hear, wouldn't you think? It reminded me of my first time in Cusco, not long after my arrival, when […]

Gorgeous Gorges: Karijini National Pa...


Karijini, in the middle of the Pilbara, is undoubtedly one Australia’s best national parks. It might even be Australia’s best-kept secret. Situated in the midst of WA’s iron ore economy Karijini forms a network of narrow gorges, rivers and swimming holes hidden away in the ancient and majestic Hamersley Range. What To Do Lose yourself. […]

Food, Glorious Food: Malaysia


An impromptu trip to Asia provided us with an opportunity to indulge in one of the world’s finest and most diverse cuisines, in Malaysia. Influenced by Malay, Indonesian, Chinese and Indian cultures, every bite is an absolute delight! But food was not the only purpose of our trip. Kuala Lumpur was our first destination. It’s […]


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